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ERP Solutions

ERP means the enterprise resource planning which means planning about the external and internal management of resources of the enterprise. We , in the acetrum , believes in the ERP module which gives you the finest way and fastest way of knowing the profit and loss of the enterprise . It gives you the prophecy about the enterprise regarding the management of resources whether the enterprise would be in loss or profit.

We, in the acetrum, itself based on the ERP module, we, believe in management, so believes in ERP which makes the work of customer's enterprise work easier by managing the resource in a much planned manner. WE, makes the ERP software, by keeping in mind of the management of resources in the enterprise. WE target the service and hence believes on it because our motto is in giving the service to the customer.

ERP Solution Technologey

Php & MySQL Programming    Php & MySQL Programming

Java, J2ee & Struts Programming    Java, J2ee & Struts Programming

ASP.NET Programming    ASP.NET Programming

ERP Solution Service

- Inventory Management

- Account Management

- HR Management