10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About SEO

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Your competitors are the obstacles you have to compete with, to be successful. When you research, you can learn a lot about what competitors are doing correct and the flaws they missed. Let’s have a look at the 10 things your competitors can teach you about optimization.
SEO strategy plan
1. Page titles and META tags: Your competitor’s strategy in describing their web page, video, photos, podcast and documents. It should be easy to spot optimization tricks. Common words or phrases used are keywords, and if they used such keywords, you should too.

2.META descriptions: Meta descriptions affect your page ranking in the search engines. If your competitors are using brief, yet detailed descriptions to describe their pages or services you should use the same strategy too.

3.Missing Link: Free online link checkers can determine if broken links exist on your site. Analyze those broken links and make sure you don’t have any broken links on your site.

4. Quality Content: Quality, original content is KING in SEO. A winning content strategy is extremely important to online success. Search engine always indexs new and unique content, which means there is a lot of SEO value for contents to optimize your website. Look for websites that offer site rankings at different times (past and present). After all, the more often you add new, relevant, keyword rich and unique content the more visible you will be.

5. URL: URL structure is also an important aspect in optimizing website. Either you use more.example.com or example.com/thing-your-to-competitors-can-teach, these are seo friendly urls. So learn and make use the url of your competitors they are using to get more traffic.

6. Backlinks in Motion: Many competitors have links on other sites that gives them some advantages. There are many tools that determine the amount of backlinks. Check the high-ranking SEO competitors and determine if their backlinks made a difference.

7. Check your local listings: Classifieds, Yahoo! Local and Google + local are examples of social media that use local SEO. Learn from your rivals who are using local SEO to rank high in search engines.

8. The social network: One that can make excellent effect for the brand on the internet. Companies go social in their marketing methods as a result in the growth of internet marketing. Learn how they use social media to their advantage. Select the best ones to grow your business.

9. Blogs: Standard blog optimization, even hope to get an impressive traffic from search engines. If they are top ranking, chances are they do! Company blogs are not created equal. Each blog has a topic that is trending more than others are. Focus on the topics with feedback and apply those topics to your blog.

10. SEO Campaign: Search is the most fundamental element of campaign management. What advertising methods are your competitors using? What websites are they using? Go ahead and do a similar campaign strategy.

Ranking at the top or being on the first page of search engine result is everyone’s goal. Our competitors have done this, and we can learn more about their methods to get on the first page ourselves.